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The Warm and Fuzzies!

With the summer upon us, we’re full of the warm and fuzzies at CORE for all things English and summery.

It is at a time like this that we really get to explore the depths of the cocktail list, the answer to refreshing summer lunches and long hedonistic evenings. Just the other day we were perusing the menu, putting together the perfect partners in crime for evenings of serious gastronomic pleasure and game up with one or two serious winners.

Slim Jim

Now we know the notion of beer and burgers is not that unique, perhaps a little overdone you might even say. But if you have visited us at CORE before you know that we have taken the whole beer and burgers phenomenon to a whole new level with artisan craft beers and burgers straight from the queen’s butcher. This is a combination of pure delectation and pleasure that really cannot be overstated, what is better on a hot day than a perfectly chilled, expertly hand selected beer? We’ll tell you, a perfectly chilled, expertly hand selected beer and a burger cooked to perfection. Oh yes.

Not your thing? Then how about a sharing platter of kings and a collection of cocktails that will make you feel like a kid again, only ever so slightly more grown up and naturally legal. Our master of cocktails (David Kay) created some serious beauties that make the summer a season you are desperate to see come and stay. How do you like your cereal? We like ours in the ‘Morning Glory.’ Feeling fruity then we recommend ‘The Gaffa,’ rather like a Jaffa Cake except boozier – why don’t they make alcoholic Jaffa Cakes?

Bosch product 17651

Still not hitting the spot how about a simple glass of well chilled excellently chosen wine, we can do that too. Obviously we would rather tempt you with a Chocolate Orange Martini, just saying, but we except that sometimes the simplest things are the best!!